As a new assessor I was struggling to understand the software product that I inherited in my office, I just wasn’t getting it. There were things that I felt the software should do that I was being told could not be done. Our office struggled with getting data out of our database that is necessary to do our job, processes that I felt should take a few hours were taking days, and support was atrocious; sometimes taking two to three weeks just to get a call back.

I first saw a demonstration of INcama in 2009 soon after being elected into office. After dealing with the issues in the software program I inherited for several years, I was finally able to convince the county that we needed to move onto a better program. XSoft’s INcama was it. From the time of that first demo I knew it was the answer to the issues we were having.

XSoft came back in for a second demonstration and we got the contract in place. They did an amazing job with the conversion and had us up and running in 2 weeks time. They were so helpful in providing and reviewing exception reports to clean up the database, their training program is hands on and included very user oriented training manuals with step by step instructions on the use of INcama.

XSoft’s customer service is wonderful! You never feel like you are unimportant, and there are no “dumb” questions. We have a dedicated support person to call and when we do call, we get an answer right away; no more two weeks of waiting for return calls.

INcama has so many nice features and it is very efficient. The software is designed to make our office run smoother, reports are simple and don’t require special scripts, rolling of values only takes us 20 minutes (no more weekends at the office), sketching is a breeze and they offer so much more of what we need without extra fees, including valuation techniques for income and sales comparison approaches to value.

You know the saying “what did I do without…” In Shelby County we fill in the blank with “XSoft”, because we do not know how we got by without them.

Assessor - Anne Thurston - Shelby County