The conversion to XSoft’s INcama went very well in Jasper County. We coordinated the conversion with XSoft to begin soon after we had rolled and balanced values with the County Auditor in order to maximize our time in learning the new system and address any potential issues that may arise. We were provided exception reports from XSoft consisting of areas of concern to review and make changes that we felt were necessary. This process resulted in us identifying errors that had existed in our prior software product that we were unaware of.

The value roll and balance process after conversion to XSoft’s INcama proved to be the smoothest it has ever been for Jasper County. The benefits and ease of use of XSoft’s INcama software far exceeds any conversion issues that we encountered especially considering these issues brought to light some things that were not being assessed correctly in the previous software product.

I have absolutely no regrets in making the switch and would highly recommend XSoft based on their product and support.

Assessor - Dawn Hoffman - Jasper County